In the United States, the Greater New York area is home to the 2nd largest population of ethnic Koreans outside Korea. The Greater Los Angeles area holds the number 1 spot. The core of Koreatown in New York is on 32nd Street between Broadway and Fifth Avenue, offically named "Korea Way" in 1995. Most New Yorkers just call it K-Town. Here you will find 24 hr resturants and karaoke rooms that open past 4am. This is the one block that everyone can rely on after a late night of partying or drinking to find some food.

If you travel into the brough of Queens to Flushing, you'll find yourself in a larger community of Korean businesses. Some would say Flushing is where you wil find the best Korean resturants around Union Street, Murry Hill and on the long span of Northern Blvd.